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Migrant Kitchens (Queens NY) 2015-17

Intro Film to Queens Migrant Kitchen Series  (2:20)
Article 1: How the World Came to Queenwith multiple MAPS embedded
Article 2: Queens before 1609with MAPS embedded

Film Negro Motorist Travel Guide to Queens 1940s-1950s (2:29)
Article 1: Northward Bound: African Americans in Queens Part 1
Article 2: Northward Bound: African Americans in Queens Part 2
MAP1: African American Demographics Jamaica, Queens; MAP2: African American Demographics, Queens NY; MAP3: Nationalities of Foreign Born Populations in Jamaica and St. Albans, Queens NY

Film Rokhat Kosher Bakery (Bukharan Bakery) (3:20)
Article 1: Queens: The Promised Land, Part 1
MAPS: Jewish Households as a percent of all Queens Households
Article 2: Queens: The Promised Land Part 2
Article 3: Queens: The Promised Land Part 3
POEM: SoundCloud Recording of Sarah Samekhov reciting a Tajik-Persian Praise Poem

Film Street Vendor Rights in NYC (3:59)
Article: Street Carts of Desire: The Vendors versus City Hall
Film Street Carts of Desire: Saboroso of Aracataca (5:13)
Article: Luis Alfonso Marin and his Street Cart of Desire
Film Peddlers, Police, and Power: 1906 vs 2016 (3:36)
Article: Queens’ Street Carts of Desire: Peddling, Past and Present
Film Évelia’s Courageous Tamales (5:23)
Article: Tamale Ladies of Roosevelt Avenue, Queens NY
Article: Street Carts of Desire: Taking it to the Streets
Article/Satire: “CORN-TELPRO: Tamale Ladies Menace 6 Queens’ neighborhoods along Roosevelt Avenue”

Film Surviving Surveillance, Catering to America: Shahina Parveen (9:26)
Article: Collateral Damage
Film Surviving Surveillance, Catering to America: Making Biryani (1:46)
Article: Cooking As An Act of Defiance

Old Delhi Street Food and Culture 2014-15

Article, photography, film Autumn in Old Delhi: Spices, Porters and Local Fare
Article, photography, film Crunchy Snacks and Hot Tea: Winter in Old Delhi
Article, photography Delhi Winter Foods: Street Sweets
Article, photography Delhi Summer: Hot Days, Cool Drinks
Article, photography Tea in Old Delhi
Article, photography Relying on the Kindness of Strangers in Asia’s Largest Spice Market

“Undisciplined Pleasures, Vigilant Defiance Series 1-5”

2.0 Newark NJ, Portland ME (2021), 1.0 Philadelphia, PA (2020)


Popular and Academic

Siddis, Indians of African descent, Women Farmers & Quilters

Soulful Stitching Portland ME (2021); To Sew and To Sow: Siddi Women Farmers (2020)

US Farmers of Color

Multimedia Stories

Food & Culture 2010-14

Archived articles no longer available online


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Anthologies, Edited Volumes

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Khan, SK (2019). “Supershero Amrita Partitioned Once, Migrated Twice,” In the anthology on Women and Migrations: Responses in Art and History. Edited by Deb Willis, Ellyn Toscano, Kalia Nelson. Based on the Women and Migration Conference held at New York University, Villa La Pietra, Florence, Italy.

Academic Journal Articles

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