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2023 Art Review: Artists Reach back in Time to Express Contemporary Ideas, Press Herald. By Jorge S Arango, 2 Oct.

2023 Review: Sarah K. Khan’s Feminist Take on a 16th-Century Cookbook. Her work brilliantly reframes age-old storylines from a Persian cookbook as modern allegories for female liberation. Hyperallergic. By

2023 Sarah Khan ✿ Spoons as weapons of mass creation, Loop, Garland Magazine, 3 Sep.


2021 Amrita Simla graced ACLU_Maine Holiday greeting card. We could not be more proud to have her reflect what we require in these trying times. Fortitude and perseverance to fight the good fight, fist raised for justice for all.


2020 American Craft Forum: Threads of Change. Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage. Aug.

2020 Melding and Reimagining: Sarah K. Khan shares about the work she admires. The Queue: Discover what individuals from our craft community are in to right now. American Craft Council. Jul.

2020 Sarah K Khan’s updates of resistance to Medieval Indian cookbook illustrations at Twelve Gates Arts. Naveena Vijayan interviews Sarah Khan about her exhibition, Undisciplined Pleasures: Vigilant Defiance at Twelve Gates Arts, up until 19 September 2020. Khan’s prints are a contemporary feminist commentary on a 15th century Indian cookbook, the “Book of Delights.” ArtBlog, Philadelphia, PA, Naveena Vijayan 23 Apr 2020

2020 ‘Migrations and Meaning(s) in Art’ Centers Hope, Humor, and Ritual, The exhibition, curated by Dr. Deborah Willis, features 35 artists working in photography, installation, and time-based media. In BmoreArts, by Angela N. Carroll, 4 Mar 2020


2019 CIVIC WOMEN: Community Visions, 2018-2019, Exhibition & Festival.

The two year cross-cultural collaborative project kicked off at the ArtMill Barn Gallery July 29, 2018. It is part of a larger co-operation that ArtDialogue is engaging with other art + farmers + civic groups across Europe culminating in the 30 year anniversary of the “Artists’ Revolution” in former Czechoslovakia. Curated by Lydia Matthews. 24 Jul – 3 Aug 2019, Strakonicka, 16, Horaždovice 34 101, Czech Republic


2018 The exhibition highlighting the power of migrant cooks, The National UAE, Priti Salian, 6 Dec 2018.

2018 The Real Tastemakers: Portraits of Farmers and Spice Porters in India, Humanities Across Borders, 22 Jun 2018.

2018 This new Exhibit Spotlights the People who Make India’s Food. The Teal Mango, Food and Culture, Lakshmi Gandhi, 14 Jun 2018.

2018 Pakistani-American Researcher Sarah Khan On Her Photo-Exhibition On Indian Farmers & Spice Porters.Indian Women Blog, Arunima Maharshi, 11 Jun 2018

2018 The real tastemakers: Photos of Indian men and women whose labours put food on our tables.An exhibition of portraits by Pakistani-American researcher Sarah K Khan is currently on display in New York. Scroll.In Magazine, Zinnia Ray Chaudhuri, 9 Jun 2018

2018 “Out of the Shadows.” Each day, 98 million female farmers in India participate in a full range of agricultural activities—yet they are among some of the world’s most marginalized communities. Sarah Khan, a visiting scholar at NYU’s Asian/Pacific/American Institute bore witness to the plight of these women. Her portraits will be on view in the Kimmel Windows from June 7 through September 7 in the exhibition In/Visible: Portraits of Farmers and Spice Porters of India curated by Tisch faculty member Grace Aneiza Ali. NYU Arts Digest, Spring.

2018 Soulful stitching: Quilts tell story of Siddi people. Baystate Banner News, 5 Apr 2018

2018 Brilliant Colorful Quilts From African Descendants in India Adorn Galleries of Davis Museum at Wellesley CollegeIn India New England, 7 Feb 2018.


2017 KAFFNY Infinite Cinema will return to New York City for the 11th year on Saturday, Oct. 14. Held at the Brooklyn hotspot The Wythe Hotel Cinema from 1:00 p.m. until Midnight 12:00 a.m., the annual event will celebrate some of the most promising indie filmmakers of different cultures from around the world.

2017 Queens NY, Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown. Consulted on the episode, introduced Parts Unknown to Évelia Coyotzi and Blessing Osagiede, two Queens of Queens NY, appeared on the episode and had a meal with Bourdain at Africana Soul Food Restaurant in Jamaica, Queens NY. Watch reruns on CNN. First aired: 21 May 2017.

2017 Sarah appears on Independent Sources, CUNY-TV. On Independent Sources, hosted by Garry Pierre-Pierre, we learn about a multi-media project, Migrant Kitchens, that’s highlighting some of the locals in the food world who are plying their trade in the borough of Queens. First aired: February 22, 2017.

2017 Sarah Khan’s Multimedia content on Indians of African descent, Siddis, is included in this group show. Interview with curator Jaishri Abichandani about “Loving Blackness” Exhibit featuring multiple artists at Asian Arts Initiative. PhillyVoice. Philadelphia, PA.


2016  A global virtual event (US, UK, Brazil, Japan) will bring together top media makers and thinkers internationally to discuss the role of media in building a better world. Media for Change Virtual Conference. Via a short film, I presented broadly on the ideas behind the Queens’ Migrant Kitchen Project, 11 Nov.

2016 Ingram, Mrill. Food and Power in the Streets of Queens. The Progressive, 12 October.

2016 Artist Talk with Sarah K Khan. On Tuesday, September 27, Sarah K Khan, multimedia artist in film, photography, textiles and more, gave an artist talk in L160 Elvehjem. Sarah discussed art as a tool of political expression through her character Amrita Simla. The event included a screening of her film “Bowing to No One.” Photo Review.

2016 Tactile Textiles with visiting artist Sarah K Khan, Class Lecture & Visit. On Wednesday, September 28, visiting artist Sarah K Khan was a guest lecturer in Meeta Mastani’s course “Tactile Textiles: From 2D to 3D.” Sarah presented Amrita Simla, a character that speaks of political and personal narratives, making visible the invisible in a seriously playful and playfully serious way. She also assisted with the day’s lesson in dyeing fabric. Photo Review.

2016 Faber Cullen, Makalé. 2016 Kawandi: Quilts of Karnataka, by Siddis, Indians of African DescentUppercase Magazine, photos by Sarah K Khan and Henry J Drewal. Jul, pp 100-105.

2016 Asian Women’s Giving Circle Grant. To include more Asian women as part of the Queens Migrant Kitchen Series.

2016 The Sillins Family Foundation Grant. To include Jewish voices in the diaspora as part of the Queens Migrant Kitchen Series, Apr 2016.

2016 Buenas Obras Fund. To support 3 months of film editing and map-making for the Queens Migrant Kitchen Series, Jan-Mar 2016.


2015 Buenas Obras Fund. To support 3 months of film editing and map-making for the Queens Migrant Kitchen Series, Nov-Dec 2015.


2014-15 Nehru-Fulbright Scholars Fellowship in India. Researching “Indian Women Farmers’ Stories in a Changing, Challenging, and Globalized Environment,” and using multimedia storytelling tools to relay the experiences of diverse farmers and vendors across the country.