Link to some of the Zester Daily writing, photography and short films from 2010-14

Biocultural Diversity for The Christenson Fund

Corn, Mexican Culture And Why Free Trade Threatens Both Nov 2013, How Native Americans Are Rescuing Our Food Culture Oct 2013, Pickled Eggplant Adds to a Seductive Legacy Sept 2013, 3-Ingredient Pickled Onions Make Summer Last All Year Aug 2013, An Ideal Way to Add Zing to A Meal with Spicy Apricot Chutney Jul 2013, How Three Experts Tackle Biodiversity’s Imperative Jul 2013, African Origins Of Coffee: Why Sustainability Matters May 2013, African Origins Of Coffee: Arabica Versus Robusta Apr 2013, African Origins Of Coffee: Following Roots In Ethiopia Apr 2013, With A Wealth Of Nutrients, Acorns Vital For Indians Mar 2013, Acorns Helped Sustain Indigenous Groups Mar 2013

Food and Culture

Rebalance For The New Year With Triphala And Yoga Jan 2013, Start The Year Off Right With Herbal Trikatu And Yoga Jan 2013, Anti-Stress Brahmi Can Aid Memory And Reduce Anxiety Dec 2012, Ashwagandha Can Counteract Stress Of The Holidays Dec 2012, Try Amla To Aid Your Body’s Response To Inflammation Nov 2012, Stress? Boost Immune System With Neem, Inverted Yoga Nov 2012, Okra Served Any Way You Like It At Festival Oct 2012, Dwindling Bee Population Threatens Food Supply Sept 2012, David Driskell On The Art Of Cooking And Chowder Sept 2012, Turkish Organics Not Just For Export Anymore Aug 2012, Funky Kimchi Dec 2011, Sweet Home South, India Aug 2011, Okra Lovers Unite Jul 2011, Queen of Spices: Cardamom Mar 2011, Cinnamon Stimulus Plan Jan 2011, Coquito: Puerto Rican Eggnog infused with Ginger Dec 2010, Nutmeg, the Holiday Spice Nov 2010, Basils Many Benefits Oct 2010, Herb Bunch with a Punch: Bouqet garni Sept 2010, Cilantro’s Edgy Power Aug 2010, Turmeric vs. Cancer Jun/Jul 2010, The Power of Black Pepper May 2010, Winter’s Last Brunch Apr 2010