Cooking is an Act of Defiance, Open City Magazine, Asian Americans Writers’ Workshop

Cooking provides a familiar focus, even a break, and the possibility to recreate culture and share it in a part of the world that finds her, and people like her, distasteful. Read more…

Article 1/2: How Three Experts Tackle Biodiversity’s Imperative

Why worry about varieties of fruits and nuts decreasing? Multiple tastes, different colors, several growing periods, resistance to pests, drought and environmental disasters —  all these factors rest on maintaining, and now reviving, regions and agricultural practices that grow many varieties of fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and grasses. Read more…

Video: Debra Roberts, master natural beekeeper, talks some bee wisdom in her backyard apiary

Beekeeper, Debra Roberts, shares a bit of bee wisdom from her apiary in Appalachia, Weaverville, North Carolina in August 2012. Read more… Natural Beekeeping, Debra Roberts, Appalachia, North Carolina Aug 2012 from Sarah K Khan on Vimeo.

Article/Chapter: The Glycemic Index/Load in Integrative Medicine 2012, by David Rakel MD

At present, the American Diabetes Association (ADA)1 does not recognize a role for the glycemic index in the prevention of disease. On the basis of its review, diets with a low glyce- mic index may reduce postprandial glycemia but may be dif- ficult to maintain long term. The ADA holds that additional evidence to support… Read More