Female Farmers Are Few, But Deeply Rooted 2/3

A change is underway. Farmers of color — historically rendered invisible, though permanently woven into the fabric of America’s agricultural heritage — are increasing. The first farmers in this country, that is Native Americans and African-Americans, are the backbone of the nation’s agriculture history. Some farmers of color have endured — cultivating the land with… Read More

Farmers of Color 1/3-Part Series

In this three-part series, I explore the brief history of the USDA’s exclusion of farmers of color and provide recent USDA data on where farmers of color farm. In the second part, we learn of four dynamic women activists/farmers of color who are reclaiming their agricultural traditions despite persistent odds. And in the third, we… Read More

Article: Dietary and built environment assessment in a Latino community

Khan S, Calloway SA, Maida T, Rakel DP. Dietary and built environment assessment in a Latino community. Am J Health Educ. 2012;43(2):74-82. Submitted May 19, 2011. Accepted August 18, 2011. DOI: 10.1080/19325037.2012.10599222 Background: Assessment of basic dietary intake and community nutrition environment is lacking and needed to improve health outcomes for the growing U.S. Latino community.… Read More