Article: Pickled Eggplant Adds To A Seductive Legacy & Update on GMO Eggplant in India Pickled Onions Make Summer Last All Year (via Zester Daily) Summer is bountiful. Now is the ideal time to capture that abundance in preserving jars. By doing so, the labors of your summer harvest or that of your local farmers’ can be savored in the late fall, throughout the winter months and into early… Read More

Article 2/2: An Ideal Way To Add Zing To A Meal With Spicy Apricot Chutney

Biodiversity offers benefits on a micro as well as macro level. The first part of this series focused on three dynamic individuals working to create a more resilient agricultural landscape in Central Asia. In this second part, we look to delicious specifics: A recipe for a simple apricot chutney links us back to ancient fruit-preserving… Read More

Article 1/2: How Three Experts Tackle Biodiversity’s Imperative

Why worry about varieties of fruits and nuts decreasing? Multiple tastes, different colors, several growing periods, resistance to pests, drought and environmental disasters —  all these factors rest on maintaining, and now reviving, regions and agricultural practices that grow many varieties of fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and grasses. Read more…

African Origins Of Coffee: Why Sustainability Matters, Article 3/3

Coffee growers are in crisis. According to Kew Gardens, Arabica coffee falls into the vulnerable extinction risk category, though some suggest a rating of endangered is more apt because of the rapid deforestation in Ethiopia. Further deforestation in other Arabica coffee-growing regions and climate change compound the emergency. Read more…