Podcast: The Okra Festival, hear the founder and vendors talk Okra, talk story, talk pride

“Okra, it is like our people that okra, you know, its strong, it can weather the drought, it keeps on growing, keeps producing, as long as you pick it…it really shows the strength of the southern people. I think it is a sign of hope…” –Barbara Evans—Okra Festival 25 Aug. 2012. Click to listen.

12th Annual Okra Festival, Burkville Ala.

The 12th annual Okra Festival in Burkville, Ala., overflowed with its largest crowd this summer. I finally had an opportunity to go and meet the savvy, outspoken and downright kind founder, Barbara Evans. She and her Lowndes County community produced a memorable okra extravaganza infused with Guitar Slim’s soulful sounds. Read and hear more…