Rebalance For The New Year With Triphala And Yoga

Last in our series to cleanse and detoxify is triphala, the three fruits. It includes three plum-like fruits that are astringent and high in tannins. It seems appropriate to end this miniseries with fruits that are common, abundant and nutrient-rich in South Asian cultures. Why not explore an Ayurvedic formulation that focuses on the lower… Read More

Start The Year Off Right With Herbal Trikatu And Yoga

The new year of the Gregorian calendar is here. Determined to shed some of the excesses of the past? Stick with real food, treat it like medicine, engage in some active yoga poses and sail into the New Year ready to set in motion your resolutions for your mind and body. This January, I offer… Read More

Article: Anti-Stress Brahmi Can Aid Memory And Reduce Anxiety

Your second anti-stress plant for this month of December is Brahmi. Always at the side of streams and close to the water’s edge, Brahmi, or Bacopa monnieri (also spelled Bacopa monniera), is a creeping plant that reduces anxiety and may extend your memory. It is another rasayana in a long line of Ayurvedic plants to… Read More

Ashwagandha Can Counteract Stress Of The Holidays

Holidays can evoke stress and anxiety. Counter those internal and external tensions by adding two December anti-stress herbs to your medicine cabinet: ashwagandha and Brahmi. Plants contain thousands of phytochemicals, a huge range of substances that can affect us physically, mentally and psychologically when ingested. For this first article on stress, get ahold of some… Read More

Amla, Emblica officinalis, a sour fruit packed with phytonutrients to boost immunity

November is for strengthening your immunity. In the last post, I introduced the powerful Ayurvedic neem tree. For the second immune-boosting medicinal plant food, I turn from away from the bitter neem leaf toward a sour fruit, a powerhouse known as amla, or Indian gooseberry. Integrative medicine practitioners have long observed that most chronic diseases… Read More

Neem, Azadirachta indica, Ayurveda and nature’s pharmacy in a tree

In this three-month series exploring simple teas and yoga postures (asanas) to keep you healthy during the holiday season, November will explore bitter neem (Azadirachta indica) and the powerful antioxidant amla (Emblica officinalis). First up is neem, often called “the wonder tree” or “nature’s pharmacy.” Read more…

Article: Therapeutic Plants of Ayurveda

Khan SK and Balick MJ. 2001. Therapeutic Plants of Ayurveda: A Review of Selected Clinical and Other Studies for 166 Species. THE JOURNAL OF ALTERNATIVE AND COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE, Vol 7, Num 5, 2001, pp. 405–515. Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. DOI: 10.1089/10755530152639729 This paper reports on the results of a literature survey involving 166 different species of plants used in the Ayurvedic… Read More