African Origins Of Coffee: Why Sustainability Matters, Article 3/3

Coffee growers are in crisis. According to Kew Gardens, Arabica coffee falls into the vulnerable extinction risk category, though some suggest a rating of endangered is more apt because of the rapid deforestation in Ethiopia. Further deforestation in other Arabica coffee-growing regions and climate change compound the emergency. Read more…

African Origins Of Coffee: Arabica versus Robusta, Article 2/3

The first article in this series on coffee covered its early roots and routes. Coffee has planted itself all over the globe from the forests of Africa to the Middle East, the Indian Ocean Islands, South and Southeast Asia and the tropical Americas. Nearly all the commercial coffee varieties (97%) that grow globally are derived… Read More

Article & Podcast: Dwindling Bee Population Threatens Food Supply

And before food, there was pollination. The hum of bees heralds the presence of pollen and nectar entering the apiary, and that means the bees enable good and required plant sex. Healthy plant sex is essential, says Debra Roberts, a master natural beekeeper based in the Appalachian Mountains in the town of Weaverville, N.C., not… Read More

Video: Debra Roberts, master natural beekeeper, talks some bee wisdom in her backyard apiary

Beekeeper, Debra Roberts, shares a bit of bee wisdom from her apiary in Appalachia, Weaverville, North Carolina in August 2012. Read more… Natural Beekeeping, Debra Roberts, Appalachia, North Carolina Aug 2012 from Sarah K Khan on Vimeo.