Working Conditions
Featuring: cinematic savage | CYJO | Rebecca Goldschmidt | Shizu Homma | Cynthia X. Hua | Sarah Khan | Tiffany Lin | Lewanda Lim | Lisa Pradhan | Shellie Zhang
September 4  – December 15, 2018
Opening Reception: Friday, September 7, 6 – 8 p.m.

What does labor mean to Asian American communities? Who are the workers in our communities? What is the value of our work? Where does our labor go unnoticed? How do we remake our relationship to labor to align with our value systems?

Asian American lives are shaped by the concept of labor, whether it’s working in factories overseas, working as caretakers in the United States, or performing the emotional labor of smiling every time someone asks “Where are you from?”. The unsung labor of Asian Americans is foundational to the United States, along with the labor of enslaved African Americans, incarcerated inmates, undocumented workers, femmes, and others.

The artists in Working Conditions utilize a variety of strategies—performance, video, painting, installation, sculpture, and mixed media—to illuminate the ways in which labor operates on a global and a personal level. Their work tells the untold story of Asian Americans in the labor movement, as well as the labor of creating a diasporic community. Their work asks us to consider connections between the work of the artist and the condition of workers within a global economy.

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