Cookbook of Gestures

Group Shows: Asian Arts Alliance, Philadelphia PA (2019) MICA, Baltimore MD (2020)

Shero Amrita Simla

The Origin Story (2019) ACLU_Maine Holiday Card (2020/21)

“Undisciplined Pleasures, Vigilant Defiance Series 1-5”

1.0 Philadelphia, PA (2020), 2.0 Newark NJ, Portland ME (2021)


Popular and Academic

Porters of Taste & Women Farmers in South Asia


Migrant Kitchens

Articles, films, photography, maps

Block Printing & Dyeing

Co-teaching, traveling & researching with Mastani Nazar

Siddis, Indians of African descent, Women Farmers & Quilters

Soulful Stitching Portland ME (2021); To Sew and To Sow: Siddi Women Farmers (2020)

US Farmers of Color

Multimedia Stories

Food & Culture 2010-14

Archived articles no longer available online

Letterpress Posters

Tasting Cultures Posters

Handmade Paper

2D & 3D Objects (including the wordless cookbook series)